Beau was one of our longest residents here at the Shelter, arriving from a dog pound back in August 2016. We’re so pleased she finally found the right family to join, and sounds like she’s really made herself at home!

“I thought I’d update you with how Beau is getting on…

Beau is brilliant!  She settled in very well right from the start, it’s as if she’s always been here. We have had no mess in the house at all even when she has been on her own for a few hours, she has learnt to use the dog flap! Beau is very attached to Gary who is with her all day and is fine with the rest of the family too. We have come across a few dogs on our walks but we don’t take any notice and just keep walking and we haven’t had any problems. We took Beau to our vet last week and had a long chat about how to maintain her health, the vet gave us lots of tips and we are very strict with her diet.  Beau knows she can’t have anything but that doesn’t stop her asking! Beau uses her crate at night but doesn’t use it much during the day. She does insist on getting up for a wee around 4.30 and wakes us up to let her out.

All in all, Beau is very happy and settled and we are so pleased to have her living with us.” Melanie and Gary