“I’m just writing to give you an update on how Xena is getting on and what an incredible addition she’s been to mine and Josh’s lives.

cuddled-up-with-dadIt’s been a month now since we adopted Xena from your shelter and we really couldn’t have asked for a better first month with her. She settled in as soon as we got her home with us and after having a little mooch around her new home she fell straight to sleep in her cosy new bed. Sleep has since been Xena’s hobby of choice and she’s very good at it! We also discovered her unique “bark” a couple of days in which is when she found her sassiness with us and demanded to get on the sofa with me and Josh. She now has a designated “Xena Spot” between us, on the sofa as she wants the best of both worlds and can’t seem to pick who to sit with when me and Josh are on separate sofas! But, nothing puts a smile on our face more nowadays when we come home from work and Xena’s entire body wiggles in what seems every direction possible and we receive so many kisses it’s hard to get a breath in!

Myself and Josh can honestly say we have never laughed as hard as we have done since we’ve had Xena in our lives. She has such a little character on her and we really cannot remember a time when we didn’t have her now.  She is truly a beautiful dog inside and out and we’re just so lucky that she waited for us to finally give her a forever home! She makes my heart melt on a daily basis and has firmly got me wrapped around her little paw!

Thank you so, so much for allowing Xena into mine and Josh’s lives. She is the perfect addition to our little family and we are so lucky and honoured to call her ours.

She’s being spoilt for Christmas this year and already has her own doggie advent calendar ready to open on the 1st!

We’ll be sure to keep in touch.

Tasha, Josh and Xena!