Join our “Supporting Wall” now!

Supporting wall bricks

Your opportunity to be a part of something special at Cheltenham Animal Shelter

We have built a state-of-the-art Young Animal Centre to provide the best possible start to kittens and puppies born or left at the Shelter. The new facilities include a kitten maternity unit, puppy accommodation and new feeding and laundry rooms as well as a cat isolation block and small animals room. The project has cost over £300,000, most funded by grants and gifts, but now we need your help to keep these animals fed, warm and healthy!

We are offering you the chance to support this vital project by donating today and having your name or message recorded on our “Supporting Wall” as a lasting reminder. Just choose the length of your message, maybe just your name or a memorial for a beloved pet, or even details of your business. 

Each line of up to 20 letters costs just £25, but space is limited so act fast to secure your place on this permanent display.

The perfect way to mark a special occasion, remember a loved one, highlight the work you or your company do for the ShelterPicture1 or maybe as a gift for friends or family, your pledge today will shape the future for many young animals when they need it most.

Print, complete and return the form available HERE to reserve your space on our Supporting Wall today…

For more information or to request an order form call us on 01242 548775

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