Success Stories


We have adopted Dexter[Blondie] around 6 years a go and it was one of the best think it ever happen to us! She is absolutely fabulous in every aspect ! Best service from your lovely place- only makes me want more doggies!

Success Stories


It has been nearly two months since we adopted Miss Myrtle! We love having her, she is a real character and very special. She loves her time out every day with us and cuddles.  She loves chewing so has lots of chewy toys and treats. Thank you so much to the animal shelter for letting […]



Just wanted to drop you a message to say that Archie and I celebrated our 10yr anniversary together this year. He really is the best dog ever to me and I simply can’t imagine life without him. From the day I picked him up from the shelter, he’s been my best friend. He loves coming […]