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CASVet – Coronavirus Updates

Be sure to check back regularly as guidelines are evolving rapidly and information may change.


CASVet is extending its opening times from Monday 11th May 2020. Appointments are available for urgent cases and some vaccinations will be available as follows: puppy vaccinations, kitten vaccinations, boosters for dogs and cats under 2 years of age and vaccinations for rabbits of any age.

Please see our FAQs for advice regarding other vaccinations.

We will also be carrying out a limited number of operations including urgent procedures such as xrays,  non-routine lump removals, non-routine dentistry and some neutering.

Cats can be booked in for spays and castrations. Dogs and Rabbits can only be booked if there is a clinical need, such as the need to neuter dogs or rabbits that live with a potential partner. 

In order to minimise risk to staff at CASVet and Cheltenham Animal Shelter, we will be maintaining social distancing so all visitors must remain in the car park as only members of staff are allowed into the building.

This significantly affects the amount of time that each appointment takes (15-20 minutes rather than 5-10 minutes) and consequently during this time we are unable to offer our 5-10 minute subsidised price appointments. Our fee for a 15 minute appointment slot remains at £30 and all of our other procedures and medicines will continue to be provided at our usual prices.

Please do not turn up at the Shelter without an appointment as reception is closed to the public.

Our phone lines will be open from 8:30am – 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.
Dragon Vet Centre will provide emergency cover from 4pm to 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm Saturday 01242 580324.
Chelvets continue to provide emergency cover outside of these times 01242 522022.

We will be able to see urgent appointments between 9am-11am and 2-4pm Monday to Friday.  Please phone and our team will be able offer advice and make an appointment if necessary. 

On arrival for your appointment, please telephone CASVet and we will collect/return your pet in the car park. 


You are now able to order your usual Advocate, Nexgard or Spectra prescription flea and worm treatments from CASVet to be posted to you.  Postage will be FREE for orders of 3+ months supply or just £2 postage for smaller orders. 

You can also order non-urgent repeat prescription medications and prescription diet foods – all new or urgent requests should still be directed to Dragon Vets.

Please email your name and telephone number with any further detail to and one of our team will call you back within 2 working days to confirm your order, take payment and arrange postage.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

(update 06/04/2020)

CASVet’s Toby Travis says “I welcome this development as we have been worried about the impact on puppy socialisation that delaying a puppy vaccination course will have. By enabling puppies to complete their vaccination course as soon as possible, we can reduce the behaviour problems that often lead to dogs being rehomed – many dogs that are rehomed have been poorly socialised and while the current restrictions will mean that dogs cannot socialise as well as we would like, vaccinated puppies will be able to be walked and encounter some of the key sights, sounds and smells that help to develop their behaviour in future.”

Please see our FAQ for further information & advice.

Toby & Diego

Pippin (was Reggie)

Reggie came to us with his brother Ronnie in January. They both had pre-existing health conditions and, sadly, Ronnie didn’t make it. We were very concerned about Reggie and he lived in the small animal office whilst our staff and vets worked to nurse him back to health.

One of our volunteers, Dave, fell in love with Reggie and decided that he could offer him his forever home. Reggie was adopted just before lockdown put things on hold and Dave has been in touch with this heart warming update:

I was just writing to give you a bit of a catch up on Reggie now Pippin.

He’s taken to us and his new home so well – we’re still shocked every day by how far he has come. He now gets excited whenever we enter the room, he loves his dinner and treats, and he is really coming out of his shell with playtime. 

He doesn’t hesitate to give us friendly boops with his nose, and he enjoys being petted and stroked. He no longer turns away from us, and he seems really happy to spend time with us. If picked up and placed on our laps, he is content to sit and chill, as long as food or treats are in constant supply!

We’ve reached a stage where we can now leave his pen open overnight and give him run of the living room without fear of anything. We’re both really happy that he has grown to love and trust us, and we think he knows now that he is in a safe, loving home. 


Poppy cat who we brought home from you 4 and a half years ago, taking over my chair!! She spent the first 6 months behind the sofa, next 6 months under a bed but she is now doing great!

Still petrified by birds and walks with her tummy on the ground but a happy, soft, useless Poppy cat!! Love Su x


We brought  Milo home nearly 5 years ago. He has brought such joy into our lives and very quickly became one of the family. Milo is now 12 and loves sleeping on the settee and digging in the garden.


Stella has settled in well, and really comfortable around us. She still starts occasionally but is getting lots of reassurance and hugs.

She is a dream to walk, even off lead she is extremely obedient and comes when called, even when five feet from a cat, which she completely ignored.

She eats everything we put down for her and likes to sleep all day on the sofa, and all night in our bedroom, snoring loudly and constantly!!

Thank you for letting us be her parents, we love her to bits, Tim and Deb