Cheltenham Animal Shelter – Coronavirus Update

As of close of business on 24 March, to comply with government advice, we have closed Cheltenham Animal Shelter to the public until further notice.

Our priority, as always, is to ensure we are able to deliver the very best care to our animals and to protect our staff and volunteers. While our Animal Care Team will be coming in to take care of our animals, the reception and CASvets are closed to visitors. Please see the separate CASVet update below for more information.

You can telephone Reception Monday to Friday between 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 3pm. Email queries sent to will be answered as soon as possible.

We regret that we are unable to take animal rehoming applications by phone at the moment but if you would like to express an interest in offering a loving forever home to one of our pets, please email one of the following addresses and we will respond when things are back to normal:

We have stopped all new animal intakes (except for emergencies) for the time being. If you have an emergency please contact Reception.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any charity shop donations at this time but we would still be grateful for animal food, clean blankets, towels, duvets (non-feather) and sheets for the Shelter animals. Please leave your donations in the green and white shed next to the Reception entrance, being mindful to respect social distancing. 
We are not able to accept pillows, cushions or sleeping bags.

Our Short Bark & Sides grooming parlour and dog/cat boarding facilities (overnight stays) are now closed and we are in the process of contacting all our customers with bookings to discuss this with them. We will take new boarding bookings from 1 June 2020, in anticipation of an improved situation by this time, but will review this in line with government guidelines.

Day Creche facilities remain open for key workers.

Thank you for your understanding and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

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Coronavirus FAQ

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. Be sure to check back regularly as guidelines are evolving and advice may change.

Following recent measures introduced by the government on March 23rd, we will not be able to provide any routine or preventative services until further notice.

Pets that have not had their complete primary vaccination course or those that are delayed with their boosters will need to get a restart course as soon as we are able to open again.

If your puppy or kitten did not complete their primary vaccination course, they should be kept indoors while the current measures are in place.


In keeping with recent measures introduced by the government on March 23rd and following the latest advice by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, we will not be carrying out routine treatments including booster injections, until further notice.

Vaccines have a margin of protection which normally extends beyond the recommended booster date, but if these restrictions persist beyond the initial three-week period, we will advise accordingly.

While CASVet will remain closed for the duration of these measures, emergencies and urgent enquiries will be handled by our partners at Dragon Veterinary Centre, visit for information. 


If your pet is registered with us and has seen a vet in the lasts six months, we’d be happy to provide you with a written prescription.

Please give our partners at Dragon Veterinary Centre a call on 01242 580324. They will be able to verify your request with your pet’s records at CASVet and arrange for you to come and pick up the prescription from them.


Spay/neutering surgeries are routine procedures, and as such will not be carried out while the current measures are in place.

We advise that unneutered female dogs be kept on leash and cats indoors. If you live in a multi-pet household, we recommend that you separate females in heat from any entire males.


Large chains such as Pets at Home and online retailers should still be open and able to deliver prescription diets.

If your pet is currently on a special prescription diet, please give our partners at Dragon Veterinary Centre a call on 01242 580324. They will verify your request with your pet’s records at CASVet and arrange for you to come and pick up the prescription from them.


If you require more medications or a repeat prescription, please give our partners at Dragon Veterinary Centre a call at 01242 580324. They will verify your request with your pet’s records at CASVet and provide you with the medication or a written prescription.

At this time, they will be taking card payments only for all medications. You will be notified when the medication is ready to collect. As you arrive at the practice, please call the same number and they will arrange for the medication to be left by the door.


Following advice from Public Health England, at present there is no evidence that companion animals such as dogs or cats can become infected with coronavirus COVID-19.

However, since this is a new virus, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and the British Veterinary Association recommend as a precaution, that if you have contracted (or suspect you have contracted) Coronavirus COVID-19, you restrict contact with your pets, just as you would if coming into contact with other people. If you live alone, then wash your hands before and after you interact with your pet.

Further advice about the virus can be found on the following websites:
The British Veterinary Association
World Organisation for Animal Health
Centres for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)


We advise all clients to closely follow government advice and self-isolate if appropriate.

Should your pet require urgent veterinary attention whilst you are self-isolating, please do telephone our partners at Dragon Veterinary Centre at 01242 580324 for further advice. If your pet does need to be seen, it might be appropriate to arrange for a friend or relative to bring the pet into the surgery and this can be discussed during the telephone call.



CASVet – Coronavirus Update

Important CASVet update
Be sure to check back regularly as guidelines are evolving rapidly and information may change.

Dear CASVet clients 

We hope that you are staying safe and well. Sadly, in order to comply with government restrictions and to limit footfall within Cheltenham Animal Shelter, we have temporarily closed CASVet and are seeing emergency treatment appointments at our partner, Dragon Vets.

We have arranged a special reduced emergency appointment fee for CASVet clients to be seen at the Dragon Vet Centre. Some of our vets are working at Dragon Vets as part of the emergency vet team, as well as being on call for the Shelter animals.   

Please phone 01242 580324 for emergency treatment appointments and advice. 

Urgent medical prescriptions that were ordered before 24/3/2020 have been transferred to Dragon Vets and can be collected from there but please phone first.

Repeat prescription requests can also be processed by Dragon Vets and can be collected from their premises, although please give 48 hours notice for this. 

Out-of-hours cover will still continue to be provided by Chelvets 7pm to 8am and weekends (when Dragon Vets are closed). 

Hopefully the current restrictions will be lifted shortly and we can serve you at CASVet as soon as possible, supporting Cheltenham Animal Shelter. 

Once again, as per government guidelines, travel to a veterinary practice should only be for emergency appointments or collection of urgent repeat prescription medication. 

Best wishes & stay safe!

Toby Travis (Head Vet) and all the team at CASVet 

Vet, Toby Travis

Doggy boredom busters during self-isolation

Playing simple ball games in the garden can keep your dog happy

A period of isolation can feel stressful and your dog can provide a source of comfort and company.

A family member, friend or professional dog-walker may be able to help with daily walks if you are unwell, but you might also find the following advice helpful for keeping canine friends occupied if you have to adapt your daily routine.

Here are some enrichment activities and wellbeing suggestions from our animal behaviourist:

  • Frozen enrichment toys are great, long-lasting treats that can act as a boredom buster – Kongs or Lick E Mats topped up with tasty food and put in the freezer are ideal for this.
  • Snuffle mats provide a fantastic scatter feeding tool and can provide much needed mental stimulation, they are easy to make and can also be purchased online. Scattering some of your the dog’s daily food allowance into the garden can be another useful scenting activity and keep them occupied.
  • Mini training sessions using positive reinforcement are a brilliant way to keep your dog’s brain active and spread out throughout the day can help tackle afternoon restlessness!
  • Games can be played in the garden as opposed to on a walk to keep dogs tired and fulfilled. High adrenaline ball games may be best to avoid as they can cause a surge of energy that cannot be fully released which can cause unwanted behaviours to be displayed.
  • Using a stress relief aid such as Pet Remedy or Adaptil products can help relieve some anxiety associated with a sudden change of routine.
  • Top tip – it is important to continue leaving your dog for short periods of time if this is their usual routine to prevent separation anxiety occurring when you head back to work. This could be as simple as going upstairs for half an hour or popping out into the garden.

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