Victory For Education

We are delighted to announce that two of our projects were finalists at the first ever No Child Left Behind Awards on the 30th January. Our HALT project and Paws for Reading were both finalists in the ‘Fun and Fulfilment’ category, as well as HALT being a finalist in the ‘Positive Relationships’ category.

Paws for Reading

Paws for Reading is a fantastic project which we run alongside Prestbury Library. Paws for Reading aims to assist children with their reading as well as comforting a rescue animal during it’s stay at the shelter. The project runs every month and involves one of our dogs going to the library for the children to read to, as well as the children visiting the shelter to read to our cats and small animals. Through reading to the animals, it improves the children’s engagement and allows them to gain confidence with their reading. 

HALT Project

Our education team have been running HALT for over 10 years. The project is designed for at risk youths who are referred to us from local councils, specialist schools, and parents. Students who come to us can come from varied backgrounds some who have not had the best start in life. They may be out of mainstream school, have behavioural issues, or lacking in confidence and suffering from anxiety. The project offers the children a sense of achievement and teaches them important life skills such as, compassion and respect towards others. As well as providing extra enrichment and training for our four-legged shelter residents.

For the duration of the two-week project the students are paired with a rescue dog who they will look after for the whole of the project. During their time they will clean, train, and walk their dog whilst learning about responsible pet ownership.


The NCLB awards took place at Cheltenham Town Hall and was a fantastic evening filled with entertainment and food. Most importantly the evening was an opportunity to recognise and showcase projects, groups, and services that make a difference to young people’s lives in Cheltenham.

We are proud to announce that our HALT project went on to win the NCBL ‘Fun and Fulfilment’ category. A few members of our team attended the event accepting the ward including Trustee Peggy Dyer, Manager Pete Newcombe, Education Team Debbie Morgan and Danielle Perry, and HALT students Lara and Mia.

Pictured Left to right: Grace Elohim, Nicky Spanswick, Jennie Crow, Lara Noyce, Debbie Morgan, Danielle Perry, MP Alex Chalk

Adopt a Greyhound Month!

It is April which means it is Adopt a Greyhound Month!

Sadly due to the high retirement rate of Greyhounds used for racing – a whooping 8,000 dogs, a lot of them end up in rescues across the UK.

We have created this little video to give you a little bit more information on Greyhounds and Lurchers (Greyhound X Breeds) in hope that you will understand why we think they make fantastic pets and should be given a fighting chance to find their forever home!

GET INVOLVED – Take Part in our Pet-less Pet Show! ENTRY CLOSES 3rd July

Our Open Day is fast approaching, which means it is time to get your entry in for our Pet-less Pet show!

Our Pet-less Pet show is a great opportunity to show off your wonderful pet and get involved with the local community! Our Pet-less pet show covers Cats and Small Animals only, this is due to having a dog show at our open day, which takes place 6th July 2019 12pm-4:30pm!

If there are any problems inserting your images into the template, simply just send us your pics!

Email with your name, contact number, pets name and the category they are being entered into!
If there are any problems inserting your images into the template, simply just send us your pics!

Email with your name, contact number, pets name and the category they are being entered into!
If there are any problems inserting your images into the template, simply just send us your pics!

Simply download the template below, paste a picture of your pet in the frame! Then send your £2 entry fee via paypal to or via just giving with your pets name as the reference! Remember to email your entry!

If there are any problems inserting your images into the template, simply just send us your pics!

Easter Enrichment Shoe Box Appeal

This Spring, we have decided to do something a little bit different! Due to the success of our Christmas Shoe Box Appeal, we asking again for the generosity of the public in supporting our Easter Enrichment Shoe Box Appeal.

What do we mean by Enrichment, what can you donate to help support us?

We are looking to better the lives of ALL the animals here at the shelter. That includes their kennel, cat pod and hutch enrichment! So we are asking for donations of toys, tunnels, good quality large harnesses, slow feeders and anything fun, that maybe you know your pet enjoys playing with!

What do our Cats need?

For our Cats we are looking for donations of cat nip toys, scratching posts, feather teasers and interactive to keep them entertained throughout their time with us.

What do our Dogs need?

Our Dogs are hoping to be able to play with their food, using slow feeders! Dogs need to be kept entertained to avoid destructive behaviour in the kennel and in the home, with your help we are hoping to provide them with puzzle games, scent toys, chew toys, rope toys, tennis balls and anything that you think our dogs will love!

What do our Small Animals need?

All animals big and small need to have entertainment to keep them busy! Our bunnies, guinea pigs, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils and other small animals need to have access to tunnels, treat toys, swings and outdoor play toys to keep them busy!

Christmas Shoebox Appeal

We are pleased to launch the Shoebox Appeal 2018!

Our Christmas Tree is ready and waiting to be adorned with gifts from our loyal supporters.

Once again we would love “the three Ts” – Tins, Toys and Treats, but we also welcome other donations too, including food and bedding.

Just put your gifts into a shoebox, wrap it up and bring it down to the Shelter, and we will put it under our tree until Christmas. All the presents will be opened just before the big day, and the presents will be given to the animals for them to enjoy over the festive period and beyond!

Thank You so much in advance for your generous gifts!