Success Stories

Buzz (was Borris)

“Where to start, he stole our hearts from day 1, he adores sticks, balls and only the odd sock. He’s learnt a couple more commands with lots of help with treats and will happily sleep through till noon.  I don’t know what, but there is something about this dog that is just so special, he’s […]

Beau Beautiful
Success Stories


Beau was one of our longest residents here at the Shelter, arriving from a dog pound back in August 2016. We’re so pleased she finally found the right family to join, and sounds like she’s really made herself at home! “I thought I’d update you with how Beau is getting on… Beau is brilliant!  She […]

Success Stories


Hook, the rabbit, has been incredibly lucky.  He was found in the street and brought to the Shelter by a member of the public, after seemingly being hit by a car. He was taken straight to our on-site vets who diagnosed a shattered leg and the only option for saving Hook’s life was amputation. The […]

Success Stories


Vinnie the bulldog came in to the Shelter in June and was an immediate hit! Great with people and dogs, Vinnie was a staff favourite as he helped socialise some of the other animals who were a bit unsure about kennel life. He was also a great companion for our corporate volunteer groups as we […]

Success Stories

Tabitha (was Shauna)

“This is Tabitha (Shauna at the time) when she was Two and a Half (She’s Three and a Half now, it’s been a year since we gave her a new life) and at the Cheltenham Animal Shelter, her temporary home until she found some new loving owners- which turned out to be us. Our old […]

Beryl and biffy (2)
Success Stories

Beryl & Biffy

“Having lost our beautiful rabbit we’d had for nearly 9 years we wanted a cuddly companion to fill the void; thanks to the shelter we found 2 in the form of Beryl & Biffy (now renamed Frank & Mary). They bring us so much joy. We love cuddling them, giving them strokes, watching them play […]