Donny is doing great, no issues at all at the moment.

He loves going for a walk, having a mad 10 minutes with his toys, and then flaking out on the sofa. He also loves lying in the garden in the sunshine. Eating has been fine and after 10-15 minutes of crying when we went to bed on the first night and left him downstairs we haven’t heard a peep from him since.

We’ve seen no evidence of destructive behaviour, he just loves relaxing on the sofa. He’s great out walking, the only issue can be other dogs but he’s actually pretty good as long as the other dog is on the lead. He can get scared if other dogs are off-lead and run up to him, so we keep a bit of distance if we see that might happen.

He’s honestly a great dog!


Ralph is doing exceptionally well, even had if off the lead for some training and he comes back everytime.

He seems really happy and is loving meal time after our routine walks.

I have attached some cute photos of Ralph helping me at work and sleeping while trying to play at the same time. He also has his own little sofa in my office as well!

He is the best! 

Nelly (was Chanel)


I think we can safely say this little lady has settled in well and truly.

Nelly slept down stairs in the kitchen on her own like a brave girl. She barked a couple of times but when I left the light on and reassured her she soon settled.

Nelly is such a gift, thank you!



Poppy has been brilliant! She was very good in the car coming home. It must have been so strange for her but she has a sweet and gentle nature. She is also very curious, searching every inch both upstairs and downstairs and in the garden.

We have tried to create a pattern for her, feeding her and taking her for walks at the same times everyday. I had to go out for half an hour Sunday and this upset her a bit but Sue has never  left her side and now I am going to work everyday Poppy is starting to accept I go out.

Sue made a bed for Poppy and from the minute she arrived she recognised it as hers, maybe it is similar to one she had before, and she is very good at night.

Poppy has found her home and made us very happy. Thank you so much for everything everyone at the shelter did for Poppy when she was there.




Levi has really settled in and is enjoying his new home and family. He loves his walks across fields and over the Hills and still loves playing with his tennis balls and playing tug-of-war with his rope.

He is also so good in the house and hasn’t tried to chew anything else other than his toys. Still wakes me up once a night for an outside visit but settles down again very quickly. 

All in all, it is going very well – a BIG  thank you for such a lovely addition to our family.

Enzo (was Pete)

Enzo & his favourite snake

Pete is now called Enzo – we loved Pete but Enzo ‘ruler of the household’ works well!

From day one he has been the best companion! He instantly settled to the new bed we got him (pictured above with his favourite snake that David bought him). We had a bit of territory marking but a clap of the hands and he stops and off we go to the garden with treats for good wees!

Mornings are funny – he whimpers about 10mins before my alarm goes off. Very helpful and no chance of getting away with pressing snooze!

The snout definitely appears when dinner is being served but he’s still quite well behaved. The fish and chips last night nearly proved too irresistible but a Kong with peanut butter was a welcome alternative!

He’s such a good dog! I think we’re seeing his personality coming through – he’s very mischievous, less lazy than we first thought and brave (he’s up and down our stairs no problem).

What else can I say – he’s the dog we didn’t know we needed! He’s just wonderful!