Pippin (was Reggie)

Reggie came to us with his brother Ronnie in January. They both had pre-existing health conditions and, sadly, Ronnie didn’t make it. We were very concerned about Reggie and he lived in the small animal office whilst our staff and vets worked to nurse him back to health.

One of our volunteers, Dave, fell in love with Reggie and decided that he could offer him his forever home. Reggie was adopted just before lockdown put things on hold and Dave has been in touch with this heart warming update:

I was just writing to give you a bit of a catch up on Reggie now Pippin.

He’s taken to us and his new home so well – we’re still shocked every day by how far he has come. He now gets excited whenever we enter the room, he loves his dinner and treats, and he is really coming out of his shell with playtime. 

He doesn’t hesitate to give us friendly boops with his nose, and he enjoys being petted and stroked. He no longer turns away from us, and he seems really happy to spend time with us. If picked up and placed on our laps, he is content to sit and chill, as long as food or treats are in constant supply!

We’ve reached a stage where we can now leave his pen open overnight and give him run of the living room without fear of anything. We’re both really happy that he has grown to love and trust us, and we think he knows now that he is in a safe, loving home. 


Poppy cat who we brought home from you 4 and a half years ago, taking over my chair!! She spent the first 6 months behind the sofa, next 6 months under a bed but she is now doing great!

Still petrified by birds and walks with her tummy on the ground but a happy, soft, useless Poppy cat!! Love Su x


We brought  Milo home nearly 5 years ago. He has brought such joy into our lives and very quickly became one of the family. Milo is now 12 and loves sleeping on the settee and digging in the garden.


Stella has settled in well, and really comfortable around us. She still starts occasionally but is getting lots of reassurance and hugs.

She is a dream to walk, even off lead she is extremely obedient and comes when called, even when five feet from a cat, which she completely ignored.

She eats everything we put down for her and likes to sleep all day on the sofa, and all night in our bedroom, snoring loudly and constantly!!

Thank you for letting us be her parents, we love her to bits, Tim and Deb


Spirit came to us at 18 months old in January 2020. She was very nervous having not been well socialised by her previous owner. We are delighted to report that after a short stay at the Shelter she found her forever home just one month later and her new owner has shared some lovely pics of her playing happily with her new doggy friends!


Donny is doing great, no issues at all at the moment.

He loves going for a walk, having a mad 10 minutes with his toys, and then flaking out on the sofa. He also loves lying in the garden in the sunshine. Eating has been fine and after 10-15 minutes of crying when we went to bed on the first night and left him downstairs we haven’t heard a peep from him since.

We’ve seen no evidence of destructive behaviour, he just loves relaxing on the sofa. He’s great out walking, the only issue can be other dogs but he’s actually pretty good as long as the other dog is on the lead. He can get scared if other dogs are off-lead and run up to him, so we keep a bit of distance if we see that might happen.

He’s honestly a great dog!