We have adopted Dexter[Blondie] around 6 years a go and it was one of the best think it ever happen to us! She is absolutely fabulous in every aspect ! Best service from your lovely place- only makes me want more doggies!


It has been nearly two months since we adopted Miss Myrtle! We love having her, she is a real character and very special. She loves her time out every day with us and cuddles.  She loves chewing so has lots of chewy toys and treats. Thank you so much to the animal shelter for letting us adopt her. We cannot imagine life without her now! X

Dumpling, Remy and Linguine

I recently adopted 3 rats from you, Dumpling, Remy and Linguine… They’ve all settled in really well and are the sweetest, most lovable boys.

They share a cage with 6 others, and are my world ❤️ My children renamed them to Ben, Oscar and Blue.. As they had planned these names well before we ever knew of these three.

Thank you for letting me adopt them.. They’re so loved and spoilt rotten 🙂


I adopted my lovely black cat Squiggles roughly 2 years ago from Cheltenham Animal Shelter. I knew I wanted to adopt a cat, but at that time you only had a small number that were unreserved. I saw his picture on your website, he looked incredibly nervous but at the same time very cute! Upon visiting he was tucked away inside his bed , and I could only see a big pair of green eyes due to how nervous he was around other people and being in the shelter. Despite not meeting properly, I took a chance on his adoption.

Once getting him home, I did not see him for at least a month because of how scared he was! I only heard him come out of his hiding spots at night to eat. After months of slowly bonding and building trust , he has become my best friend . He loves a cuddle on my lap, enjoys the outdoors , playing with his toys, and eating treats! He’s got such a great character , and everyone who meets him loves him instantly. Thank you Cheltenham Animal Shelter!