Flo (left) and Elvis (right)
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Elvis (was Shabba)

Flo and new best friend Elvis (on the right), adopted in late 2016 “We were on the look out for the 4th member of our family and a best friend to our Flo, so visited Cheltenham Animal Shelter just before Christmas and fell In love with the  gorgeous “Shabba”, now know as Elvis. Slightly rocky start […]

Tye 2
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Sounds like Tye has certainly had himself at home! “We got this little man home and took him for a sedate walk to help relax him. He was excited and wouldn’t leave my side after a couple of hours he went to the door so I took him out for another walk where we explored […]

Success Stories

Ripley (was Pixel)

“We can’t thank Cheltenham Animal Shelter enough for giving us the chance to adopt our crazy, loving, mischievous, happy, silly, wonderfully perfect pooch. We renamed her Ripley and she took to it straight away.  She bonded with us immediately, to the point where we didn’t sleep the first night because she couldn’t stop kissing us! […]

Success Stories


I adopted Jerry near 2 weeks ago now. His personality in the shelter was not the best to draw you in, he could be a grumpy boy or just sit and face the other way, but he still needed a loving home so I took him me. His true personality came out as soon as […]