Success Stories

Toast & Poppy

 “We adopted Toast on New Year’s Eve 2015 and she settled in straight away, making the sofa hers . We brought poppy home a year later. Toast is a typical lab  very laid back . Poppy on the other hand struggled with a life of regular walks ,food ,cuddles and sharing toys. Well, we think […]

Success Stories

Scrabble (was Bliss)

“Scrabble. Her shelter name was bliss and she was 5 months old when we adopted her.  She’d never lived in a home before so everything was a bit overwhelming for her to start with, on the first day home she jumped straight onto the dinner table after the food then moved onto the coffee table […]

queenie 1
Success Stories


“Hello, it’s Queenie here. I have a furry four-legged brother who I am trying to train. We generally just stare at each other and have been known to sit on the same settee but at opposite ends. I am quite possessive of my mum and am not too keen when he tries to muscle in! […]

Success Stories


“We have had Pushka for about nine months and she is an absolutely delightful cat.  When we collected her from the Shelter she was in tip top form with a lovely coat and clearly fond of Nikola and the rest of the team.  As a long stay resident, we were even more keen to give Pushka […]

Success Stories


“My husband and I adopted our first cat Bonnie in January. When we met her she was hiding under an upturned cat bed and wouldn’t come out, we only saw her little nose but we knew we wanted her right away. Almost a year later we can’t imagine life without her morning cuddles, and friendly greeting […]

Success Stories


“Just wanted to update you on our beautiful Cooper. He is such a loyal and beautiful boy.   We adopted him a year ago and since that time he has become a most loved and cherished member of the family Since his adoption he has travelled the UK (he loves travelling and is the perfect travel […]