Dog Training Classes

Classes will be held at the shelter’s location and be coordinated by our Behaviourist, Rosie Taylor-Trigg, and her team. Rosie has been working with dogs for over 8 years, in both a rescue and private kennel environment, building on her knowledge through continued learning and academic achievement. A firm believer in force-free training and positive reinforcement, Rosie works with Shelter dogs daily and now offers her expertise to members of the public who have problem pets.

We are delighted to offer courses which will assist you in achieving the best from your four legged friend, delivered by qualified and experienced canine behaviour experts. See below for details…

Puppy Primary Courses – £40

A 4 week course on Saturday mornings for well socialised puppies aged 5-8 months. The class will build obedience skills through games and simple training while improving dog interaction. Register your interest today by emailing

Puppies will learn…
Socialisation with bigger dogs
Recall over longer distance
Doggy life skills
Simple tricks

Beginners Agility Classes – £40

A 4 week course offering fun agility training for complete beginners. The class is a fantastic way to provide mental stimulation for your dog as well as being a bonding experience for you and your pooch. Costing just £40 and limited to only 4 dogs per class, book now to avoid disappointment! Register your interest today by emailing

Next course starts

*TBC in Spring*

CAS College – £40

£40 PER COURSE. Description: A 4 week course on Saturday mornings for well socialised adolescent dogs aged 11-18 months as well as adult dogs wanting a refresher course. This course will progress your dog’s basic training, improving their behaviour and your relationship with them. Register your interest today by emailing

Dogs will learn…
Doggy manners
Recall over longer distance
Improved obedience
Brain games



11 thoughts on “Dog Training Classes

  1. Ann Drewitt says:

    I’m disappointed to see that the new classes are only for puppies. I would have hoped that as a rescue organisation you would have offered classes for older dogs that perhaps hadn’t had any prior training. Do you think you will be offering any basic training classes for adult dogs in the near future? I would be very interested if you are.

  2. Mary says:

    Hello, just wondering if you will be doing any classes for adult dogs? I get my rescue dog from Thailand at the end of April so looking for somewhere in Cheltenham I can take him to classes, any help would be great. Thanks Mary

  3. Laura Kelland says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I’m looking for dog training, either group classes or one-to-one sessions for my 1 year old mini schnauzer who has a fear of children. I was wondering if you offer classes for that aged dog or if not, if you could recommend anybody.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Laura Kelland

  4. Jordan Gardner says:

    Hello, I’m just enquiring about the puppy foundation course and when I’d be able to enrol my 14 week old French bulldog. And if the 6 weeks are consecutive or if I could attend every other week for example as I work a few Saturdays. Kind regards, Jordan

  5. Lu Leach says:

    Can the money be paid weekly or does it have to be paid in one go for the puppy class as we are on benefit and £60 is a lot to pay in one go

  6. Lucy webb says:

    Hi, I have an 11 month old pedigree Cocker spaniel dog called Ollie! He’s extremely clever, full of energy and very attentive – I’m looking at my doing agility classes with him and was wondering what you have to offer for this? Warmest regards Lucy Webb and Ollie Webb

  7. Isabelle Kent says:

    Good morning, we recently re-homed one of your Romanian street dogs (Kruger) and are looking for dog training classes we could attend with him. We think he is somewhere around 2 years old, so too old for your puppy classes, but would appreciate it if you know of any local classes we might be able to contact?

  8. Samantha Harrison says:

    Re puppy foundation courses do they start on particular dates or can you just turn up ?

  9. Kelly staddon says:

    Looking for training for my 2 yr old dolberman, and 5 month old Manchester terrier, both have issues pulling on the lead, and 2yr old not really good around other dogs. Thanks kelly 07807862779

  10. J spashett says:

    We have a rescue Parson Terrier with a good demeanor around himans but terrible around dogs.

    Do you provide one to one classes that could help?

  11. Kelly says:

    We are interested in your puppy classes for our 8 month old staffy cross, when is your next course start please

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