Enzo (was Pete)

Enzo & his favourite snake

Pete is now called Enzo – we loved Pete but Enzo ‘ruler of the household’ works well!

From day one he has been the best companion! He instantly settled to the new bed we got him (pictured above with his favourite snake that David bought him). We had a bit of territory marking but a clap of the hands and he stops and off we go to the garden with treats for good wees!

Mornings are funny – he whimpers about 10mins before my alarm goes off. Very helpful and no chance of getting away with pressing snooze!

The snout definitely appears when dinner is being served but he’s still quite well behaved. The fish and chips last night nearly proved too irresistible but a Kong with peanut butter was a welcome alternative!

He’s such a good dog! I think we’re seeing his personality coming through – he’s very mischievous, less lazy than we first thought and brave (he’s up and down our stairs no problem).

What else can I say – he’s the dog we didn’t know we needed! He’s just wonderful!

by Fundraising