Employee of the Month

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Recognising the dedication & hard work of our staff over the past 12 months

January 2020
Harriet Almond

February 2020
Alex Chung
Senior Team Leader
March 2019
Sara Hibberd
Animal Care Assistant
April 2019
Danielle Christie-Carter
Animal Care Assistant

May 2019
Nicky Spanswick
Senior Team Leader
June 2019
The Animal Care Team
September 2019
Tasmine Iles-Potter
Small Animal Rehomer

October 2019
Annie Phillips

July 2019
Nicole Cateaux-Newcombe
Feline Rehomer
August 2019
Alex Chung
Animal Care Assistant/Dog Rehomer
November 2019
Esther Dickens
Behavioural Assistant

December 2019
Erica Lake
Events & Volunteer Co-Ordinator