Fabulous Firewalk Fundraiser!

In a first for Shelter fundraising, we sent 26 incredible supporters out to “brave the blaze” and walk over 20 feet of hot charcoal, burning at over 1,200 degrees fahrenheit!


In a spectacular event, arranged by Blaze – The Firewalking People, our fundraisers spent 90 minutes in preparation for tackling their fears and taking to the red hot runway. With lots of positive thinking, breathing exercises and noisy fun the team were hidden away in our classroom while they went through their process. The walkway was lit after dark in a mesmerising fire display and burned brightly while the walkers went through last minute mental exercises.

Then the time came and one by one these fearless fundraisers walked the flaming path, a picture of control and focus, before the cheers and screams of joy as they reached the other end! Many of the walkers went again or even for a third time, proving that mind over matter will allow you to conquer any challenge.

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the brave firewalkers, the Shelter raised over £5,000, which is an incredible result for a new event. We hope Blaze will be back again in future years to give you the opportunity to “brave the blaze” and support the Shelter.