FREE Cat Neutering

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It is usually around the beginning of May that Cheltenham Animal Shelter sees a rise in the number of stay cats coming into its care who are either pregnant and soon to be expectant mothers or have recently had kittens and can no longer support the hungry mouths that need feeding.

In order to alleviate the number of abadoned and unplanned litters arriving at the shelter, Cheltenham Animal Shelter’s Veterinary Practice (CASVet) are offering to neuter male cats, over 12 months of age, for FREE on Tuesday 17th May.

Toby Travis, head Veterinary Surgeon is inviting owners and residents of Cheltenham to take up the offer of FREE neutering and thanks to support from the Cats Protection League, is also able to microchip each cat free of charge too!

No appointment is necessary however please read through the “Additional Information” below to ensure your pet qualifies for the offer. For more information please call 01242 530056

Additional Information

  1. Owners must reside in Cheltenham or Tewkesbury to be eligible for this offer.
  2. The average cost of neutering a male cat is roughly between £30 – £50
  3. Neutering reduces the number of abandoned and unexpected litters each year.
  4. Un-neutered males can stray as far as 3 miles in search of a female in heat.

Your Pet's Visit

Before the procedure


  • Arrive between 8:30am and 10:00am
  • Bring you cat to us in a labelled basket


  • Feed you pet after 8pm the night before (water is fine)
  • Let you cat go out overnight
  • Let you cat get wet or dirty

During the Day

Please be available on your phone as we aim to update you about you pet around 2pm. If you have not heard from us by 3pm please contact us on 01242 530056. Collection is uaually between 3pm – 5:30pm

After the Procedure

After an operation your pet will need a light, simple meal such as boiled chicken or white fish with rice. We sell suitable tinned alternatives for dogs at £2 or sachets for cats at 75p each.