HALT Project

A unique part of the shelter’s education portfolio is the HALT Project (Humans and Animals Learning Together), an animal assisted therapy programme delivered three times a year for ‘at risk’ youths in Gloucestershire.

It allows young people (aged 7-16*) , many of whom have been excluded from school, to come to the Shelter for a two week course (Monday – Thursday) designed to foster compassion, respect and responsibility.

During the course attendees are paired up with homeless dogs which they must care for and train; this not only helps the students but also benefits the shelter by having dogs that are ultimately more re-homable as they understand basic commands.

Graduates of this programme have in many instances gone back into mainstream education and we are proud to lead the UK in this exciting initiative.

*A Junior HALT Project is for 7 – 11 year olds
*A Senior HALT Project is for 11 – 16 year olds

For more information please contact our Education Officer on 01242 548772 or email education@gawa.org.uk.

Police-and-Crime-CommissionerThe HALT Project is funded by a grant from Martin Surl, Police & Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire.