Help Us Save Bear’s Sight


Bear, a beautiful American Bulldog cross, is in urgent need of surgery to save and repair his eyesight.

He is an intelligent, affectionate young dog who loves to learn and enjoys earning his treats. Unfortunately Bear has been diagnosed with an large, infected ulcer on his eye which is likely to result in the loss of his sight very quickly without specialist attention.

Today (Wednesday 10th May), Bear has had emergency surgery to close the eye and protect it by the incredible veterinary staff here at the Shelter. Bear is now receiving 24 hour care and attention. However, to save his sight he now requires an expensive referral to an ocular specialist and potentially further surgery to remove the danger and save his sight.

If the worst happens, Bear will be very difficult to rehome as blind dogs require very experienced owners and different handling. With your help we hope he can go on to lead a full life as the perfect pet for some lucky family

This expensive emergency has come completely out of the blue for the Shelter at a time when money is already tight, we urgently need your assistance to provide the best possible care for Bear and save this poor boy from blindness. Please help us by donating.


Thank you from us and Bear