Hook, the rabbit, has been incredibly lucky. 

image1He was found in the street and brought to the Shelter by a member of the public, after seemingly being hit by a car. He was taken straight to our on-site vets who diagnosed a shattered leg and the only option for saving Hook’s life was amputation. The operation was a success and Hook spent a while recovering at the Shelter looked after by our Small Animals Carer Rachel. He didn’t take long to start hopping about again and seemed to cope with the loss of a limb incredibly well, he is obviously a fighter. When the time came to rehome Hook we were really pleased to be approached by previous adopters who had recently taken home Mrs Sammy Carrots and wanted a friend for her to bond with.

We introduced the rabbits, which went very well, and before long Hook was on his way to his new forever home, minus a leg but having gained a loving family. We have recently had this update:

image2“Hi, wanting to update on Hook and Sammy. Things are going very well and he is doing very well. Took a few days for Sammy to really want to try and get to know Hook but seem very settled together now. He is allowed to groom Sammy and snuggle in the garden, he’s not even fussed by the small human! Not overly bothered about human cuddles but will hop over and see us and has clicked into our routine of dinner and bedtime wonderfully.” Vicky

Well done Hook (and Sammy Carrots), have a wonderful happy life.