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Many of you will be lifelong lovers of animals and supporters of charities that care for them. Did you know you can continue to provide for the unwanted pets of the world after you are gone? It is important to make a will so that you can provide for your loved ones after your lifetime, and be assured that your wishes will be carried on. When making your will it is also a good time to think about causes that are important to you – such as Cheltenham Animal Shelter.

Legacy giving, or leaving a gift in your will, is a way of ensuring your love for animals lives on. Of course we all have other priorities, family and loved ones, but leaving a small gift to charity is a wonderful way to continue your support. As a charity we receive no Government or local authority funding so we rely on the generosity of the public. Legacy gifts account for almost a third of Cheltenham Animal Shelter’s income, and without it we would not be able to care for all the animals that come to us each year.

Advice On Leaving A Legacy

We recommend speaking to your solicitor about any changes to your will, but below we have some simple information to help you decide what is best for you:

We understand that of course you will want to look after family and friends in your will, but there are a number of ways you could include a gift to provide for the animals after you are gone.

Residuary Legacy

This means you leave the remainder of your estate, minus any other gifts and costs, to a beneficiary.

Pecuniary Legacy

A fixed sum, the value of which can be amended as your financial situation changes.

Specific Legacy

You have the option of bequeathing a particular item to charity, for example a piece of jewellery or property.

Residuary Legacy In Trust

You can choose to leave assets, for example a property, for the care of a loved one for the duration of their life. When they no longer require assistance the remainder of your legacy will be passed to your chosen recipient.


We strongly recommend speaking to your solicitor about your wishes and perhaps making the executor of your will aware of any changes. A simple amendment to your will is all it takes to include a charity, and below we have some examples of the wording you may wish to use:

To leave a residuary legacy (a share of your estate):

I give to Cheltenham Animal Shelter, registered charity number 1081019, of Gardener’s Lane, Cheltenham, GL51 9JW [enter percentage] per cent of my residuary estate and I express the wish (but without imposing any binding obligation) that such estate be used for the general purpose of Cheltenham Animal Shelter.


To leave a pecuniary legacy (specific sum):

I give to Cheltenham Animal Shelter, registered charity number 1081019, of Gardener’s Lane, Cheltenham, GL51 9JW  the sum of [insert amount in figures and words] and I express the wish (but without imposing any binding obligation) that such estate be used for the general purpose of Cheltenham Animal Shelter.

You may wish to download this codicil form (a simple way of adding to an existing will) which already has our details included.

As well as continuing your support of charity, leaving a legacy gift can also benefit your loved ones. Some donations will be tax exempt and may also help to reduce any Inheritance Tax due from your estate. For further information on up to date inheritance tax issues please seek professional advice.

Do you worry what would happen to your pet in the event of your death? Who would look after them? Would they be provided for?

Cheltenham Animal Shelter can provide you with the peace of mind that, in the event of this unfortunate circumstance, your pet would be cared for.

By making provision in your will you can ensure that your beloved pet would be passed in to our care to be looked after and rehomed with someone who can give them everything they need.

To register, simply create or update your will to reflect your wishes, leaving a gift to provide for your pet, and let us know. We will register you and your animal and, should the worst happen, we will take care of them without delay.


Once you have spoken to your solicitor about your wishes, and written your will, we ask that you write to us to let us know that you have left a gift to Cheltenham Animal Shelter. We would like to recognise you as a lifetime supporter of the Shelter.

Your legacy will be used only for the benefit of our animals, so that they receive the best care we can provide.

If you would like to discuss your wishes with our fundraising team, please contact us on 01242 548775 or email fundraising@gawa.org.uk.
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