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Age: 2.5 Years
Gender: Male
Breed: Border Collie

Buddy is a smart, funny and charismatic dog who is looking for owners with an interest in furthering his training and who have the time to dedicate to him. Ideally, we would like someone who has previous experience with the breed. Buddy is looking for an adult only home where he is the only pet. Buddy can be anxious when meeting new people, so is needing someone who can slowly build up a bond with him and willing to have limited visitors. Buddy needs to build up a bond before he is interested in receiving affection and will easily show you when he wants cuddles. Buddy has even been known to lie on our animal carers to receive affection. Buddy is a typical Collie and loves having both mental and physical stimulation. As much as Buddy loves playing with toys, he is a typical Collie who can get over excited so we recommend providing scent enrichment.

Buddy recently has been loving when we put treats in our paddling pool to keep him entertained and cool. We’ve also placed his treats in a box with hay, which he also enjoyed.



If you would like to be considered for Buddy please email dogs@gawa.org.uk for an application and information on our process.

To visit Buddy at the shelter, please check our


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