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Age : 20 Months

Breed: JRT X Collie

Gender: Male

Toby is an affectionate loving boy once he has a close bond with you but does take time to make friends, he needs owners that give him space and patience and are committed to visiting him at the shelter until we feel he is ready to go home. He is looking for an adult only home with very few visitors. Toby does suffer from separation anxiety and becomes very stressed when left on his own in the day or night time, he will need gradual desensitization to being left which we can guide you with. Toby does guard objects including random items he finds in the house, careful management will need to put into place to prevent this, and positive training to help him gain trust in you. New owners will need to work closely with CAS to set Toby up for success in a new home. Toby would like to live as the only dog though he does enjoy meeting dogs on his walks. Please come along to the shelter and talk to our rehomer if you would like more information about Toby.




Adult only home
OK with children 10+
Good with cats
Good with dogs
Possibly live with cats
Possibly live with dogs
Cannot live with cats
Cannot live with dogs

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Dogs & Cats

This pet has been neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. He/she has also been wormed and flea treated and will come with 4 weeks free Petplan® pet insurance.

Rabbits Only
This pet has been neutered and fully vaccinated. He/she will come with 4 weeks free pet insurance through Petplan®.
Other small pets will receive a full health check from our vets prior to rehoming.

For more information please call 01242 523521 or email (for cats), (for dogs) or (for small pets).
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