Pippin (was Reggie)

Reggie came to us with his brother Ronnie in January. They both had pre-existing health conditions and, sadly, Ronnie didn’t make it. We were very concerned about Reggie and he lived in the small animal office whilst our staff and vets worked to nurse him back to health.

One of our volunteers, Dave, fell in love with Reggie and decided that he could offer him his forever home. Reggie was adopted just before lockdown put things on hold and Dave has been in touch with this heart warming update:

I was just writing to give you a bit of a catch up on Reggie now Pippin.

He’s taken to us and his new home so well – we’re still shocked every day by how far he has come. He now gets excited whenever we enter the room, he loves his dinner and treats, and he is really coming out of his shell with playtime. 

He doesn’t hesitate to give us friendly boops with his nose, and he enjoys being petted and stroked. He no longer turns away from us, and he seems really happy to spend time with us. If picked up and placed on our laps, he is content to sit and chill, as long as food or treats are in constant supply!

We’ve reached a stage where we can now leave his pen open overnight and give him run of the living room without fear of anything. We’re both really happy that he has grown to love and trust us, and we think he knows now that he is in a safe, loving home. 

by Fundraising