“We have had Pushka for about nine months and she is an absolutely delightful cat.  When we collected her from the Shelter she was in tip top form with a lovely coat and clearly fond of Nikola and the rest of the team.  As a long stay resident, we were even more keen to give Pushka a permanent home with her own house and garden to roam about in.

The first two months were very hard, probably more difficult than I had imagined.  The back of the sofa was Pushka’s ‘go to’ place.  In particular anything to do with “upstairs” even a creaking floorboard or someone going upstairs was enough for her to fly behind the sofa again.  However, this very gradually stopped and more recently she has started coming upstairs with us when we go to bed.  She likes to keep warm by sleeping on top of us!

Despite the fact that she is eight years old, Pushka loves games more than any other cat we have had and will miaow at us until we take the hint.  She does not want to play alone but prefers us to provide the fun!  Her favourite toy is a stick with string on it and a piece of ribbon tied on, so it does not need to be expensive.  I am so pleased that we took Pushka into our home and would urge anyone to consider an older cat; they can be just as good a companion as a younger animal.” – Linda