Dog adoption FAQ

Rehoming Process

If you have found a dog that you think could be suitable for your home, then great! Email and express your interest. One of the rehoming team will email you an application form for you to complete. Alternatively, you can visit the Shelter and fill out an application form. Please note that we are only open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons between 12-4 for initial rehoming appointments.

Our rehoming fee is £150 for dogs (over 8 months) and £200 for puppies (under 8 months). Included in the cost is a microchip (ownership will be transferred to you), initial vaccinations, up to date flea and worm treatments, neutering, a starter pack (food, blankets and advice for settling your dog into your home) and four weeks PetPlan insurance.

Although we understand that you would like more information about a dog than is shown on the website, we have specific rehoming criteria for each of the dogs under our care and would prefer to discuss this in detail with you after we have seen your application at which time we can provide individual feedback and answer any questions.

We aim to respond back to all email applications, including any additional questions relating to the dogs.

Our aim is to have our dogs rehomed within 2 weeks of them being reserved although this is does depend on how regularly families can visit and if our rehoming or behaviour team are available for the necessary appointments. Some dogs may require longer to bond with their families, which will usually be communicated by one of our canine rehomers on your initial visit.

Your family or circumstances

Here at CAS our priority is that the welfare of both our dogs and the families are never compromised. Where possible we will consider families with younger children if it is right for the welfare of the dog. When assessing our dogs we take into consideration their temperament as witnessed by the staff and information given to us by their previous home and make a determination of what age children we think they would be suitable to live with.

A variety of factors must be considered surrounding the individual dog that you are looking to adopt. Certain dogs may be friendly to children but may be too boisterous and put the child’s welfare at risk. Other dogs may be too timid and may not have been socialised with children and can be frightened by them, meaning the dog’s welfare suffers. When it comes to age, older dogs, although are more docile, can have medical issues (e.g. arthritis) meaning they require a quieter home and may not want to be handled as much.

The age specification for each dog can be located below the ‘more about me’ tab on their profile. Our dogs have come into us from a range of different situations, so we do not always know if they have lived with children. Children, especially toddlers, can be unaware of how to correctly handle a dog and we recommend that there is adult supervision at all times. Our rehoming policy surrounding young families is at the discretion of the rehomer and will be fitted to the welfare of all concerned. If you are suitable for one of our dogs, we are happy to accommodate your needs to find our dogs their forever home!

Firstly, congratulations on the new addition to your family! Unfortunately, we would not rehome a dog into an environment which we know is going to change significantly in the near future, as this is likely to cause unexpected upset to the dog. Rescue dogs can take several months to settle into their new homes so require little change and a consistent environment. Please contact us again once life has resumed into a stable routine and we can then discuss further in line with the above policy around rehoming with young children.

We understand that the financial commitment of rehoming a dog means that some adopters are still in full time work. We look at every application on a case-by-case basis, working to find a match suitable for both you and the dog. Working full time does not stop you from adopting, providing that the needs of the dog are met. This includes coming home to visit them, feeding at meal times and walking regularly. You may need to look at other options like dog walkers or day boarding services to help.

Cheltenham Animal Shelter do not have an age limit when it comes to adopting a dog. We rehome in the best interest of our dogs and provide a match making service between our dogs and potential adopters. We will rehome our dogs if the application is suitable for the dog in question. It is however important to think about the future and taking on a dog from a rescue can be a 15-year commitment. We would recommend having the support of family/friends in place to care for your pet if you are unable, and there are charities who can help such as the Cinnamon Trust™.

When moving, we would recommend waiting until you are settled in your new home before considering rehoming a dog. Dogs can take many months to fully settle into an environment and routine, moving can unsettle them again potentially resulting in unwanted behaviours or a stressed dog. However, you are welcome to register an interest, indicating when you would be available to start the rehoming process.

If going on a holiday soon, we would recommend waiting until your return before starting the adoption process. However, you can still register an interest in one of our dogs.

We would advise against rehoming before your holiday as you would be disturbing the settling in period of your dog into your home. It is unlikely that the dog will be travelling with you and so they will either be in a boarding kennels or have unknown people looking after them, putting them in another stressful situation soon after their adoption.

Unfortunately, as part of our policy we require all family members to meet the dog before adoption date. Adding a new dog to your family is a big commitment and everyone needs to be on board with the expectations of having a new pet.

Yes, you can! We are more than willing to adopt to people who do not have garden or live in flats as long as we think it is suitable for the dog. It is important to remember during toilet training you will have to be committed to taking the dog out regularly. Additionally, some older or smaller dogs may have to be taken out more frequently due to their small bladders.

Yes, you can! However, please be aware that we assess every dog individually on whether we think they would be suited living with another dog. We do multiple dog mixes during our assessment and take into account details that the previous home have given.

If you have another dog or have frequent visiting dogs we will arrange multiple dog mixes before adoption. This is so all the dogs are as comfortable as they can be with the new animal coming into their environment and going into another dog’s environment.

Yes, you can! We do assess each of our dog’s suitability for living with other animals as well as information given to us by the previous owner. Information about whether the dog is suitable for living with a cat is found on their ‘more about me’ section of their profile. If adopting a dog and you have a cat, we can advise you how best to start introducing them.

In regard to rehoming a dog if you have a small animal (bird, rabbit, guinea pig, hamsters), we ask that the animals are not ever left alone together in the same room and that there is management in place. Not only can having a small pet be stressful for a dog, the small furry can also find it extremely overwhelming and there have been cases of rabbits dying from stress over the attention of a dog.

The dog

It is not often that we have puppies but occasionally we do have them for adoption. If you are interested in any dog that we have at our centre, make yourself known to us and fill out an application form.

Older dogs are overlooked often though can make incredible companions as they have already had experience in a home before. Older dogs can make great additions to your family as they’ve had basic training, are usually house clean and often require less exercise. Older dogs still love enrichment and training, which usually gives them a new lease of life. Cheltenham Animal Shelter complete a full health check as they initially come into the Shelter as well as prior to adoption and any known health risks will be indicated to you.


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