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Rehoming a rescue from Cheltenham Animal Shelter? Grab your essentials from our onsite shop

Support the shelter when you buy leads and collars from our onsite pet shop

We stock a variety of pet food such as Arden Grange and James Wellbeloved

We stock a wide selection of toys, chews and treats for your pet

Thank you for supporting us - each purchase helps provide care for future residents of the shelter

Pets listed below are eligible for fostering on a temporary or permanent basis depending on the circumstances of the carer and the animal. Our foster care scheme allows for no adoption fee and for standard veterinary costs to be covered by us, we only ask that you provide any food, bedding and toys.

Before placing a pet into a home, we will discuss with the fosterer any information we have about the animal and we can provide further support throughout the fostering period. For more information or to foster an animal listed below, please email or call 01242 523521

If you are interested in adopting one of our animals, please take a few moments to read our rehoming policy. We also have some useful advice in our education section on dog healthcat healthrabbit care and preparing for ownership.

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