I adopted my lovely black cat Squiggles roughly 2 years ago from Cheltenham Animal Shelter. I knew I wanted to adopt a cat, but at that time you only had a small number that were unreserved. I saw his picture on your website, he looked incredibly nervous but at the same time very cute! Upon visiting he was tucked away inside his bed , and I could only see a big pair of green eyes due to how nervous he was around other people and being in the shelter. Despite not meeting properly, I took a chance on his adoption.

Once getting him home, I did not see him for at least a month because of how scared he was! I only heard him come out of his hiding spots at night to eat. After months of slowly bonding and building trust , he has become my best friend . He loves a cuddle on my lap, enjoys the outdoors , playing with his toys, and eating treats! He’s got such a great character , and everyone who meets him loves him instantly. Thank you Cheltenham Animal Shelter!

by Fundraising