Virtual Kennel Sponsorship

How to Sponsor a Virtual Kennel

All you need to do is visit our Just Giving Donations Page and create a recurring monthly payment via your debit or credit card for the amount of your choice. All we ask is that it is for a minimum of £5 a month and that you email us at to let us know which virtual kennel you would like your name listed against.

The dogs in our virtual kennels have all been previous guests at Cheltenham Animal Shelter and thanks to the generosity of our supporters have found safe, loving new homes. By making a regular donation you are ensuring that we can go on caring for homeless and neglected animals like those pictured below. Thank you for your support!

What Your Gift Will Provide

Your generosity will mean that Cheltenham Animal Shelter can go on caring for dogs in need.

  • £5 a month provides flea and worm treatment for one dog
  • £10 a month provides vaccinations for one dog
  • £15 a month feeds one dog for a month

Kennel Block 1 Kindly Sponsored by
Lone Wolf Management

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Kennel Block 4 Kindly Sponsored by


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