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Welcome to CASVet. We are based on a social enterprise, majority owned by Cheltenham Animal Shelter. We exist to provide great vet care for all pets and look after all the animals within Cheltenham Animal Shelter. We do this at an affordable price with half of any profit funding our Shelter.

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Our team

Our team is made up of friendly, skilled and experienced vets and nurses, dedicated to helping your pet.

Our technology

Our excellent on site equipment includes state of the art anaesthetic monitoring, digital xrays, ultrasound, electrocautery and dental machines. Our skilled team is able to perform a wide range of routine surgery within our clinic.

Our facilities

We are also linked to Dragon Vet Centre – the only clinic in Cheltenham with a CT scanner and 24 hour on site vet care.

Our fair prices

Our charges are low for everyone, with further concessions for pensioners and people on income support.

By visiting Casvets YOU help us treat hundreds of animals at the shelter

and… half of any profit from our vet practice funds the Animal Shelter. Your custom enables us to do this and still offer great care for your pets at a low cost.

A huge thank you to our customers for helping all these shelter animals in 2018!

CASVet Nurse

About Us

We are part of Cheltenham Animal Shelter

Every working day our vets and nurses provide free appointments for unowned pets staying in the shelter. In 2018 we provided thousands of free appointments for these pets.

We are local and independent

More and more vet practices keep their names yet are part owned by big national companies backed by shareholders and private equity, investing for profit.

Our prices are nearly always the lowest in town.

We exist to support the Animal Shelter and provide affordable veterinary services.

By using Casvet, you also help other charities

Casvet not only funds Cheltenham Animal Shelter but also helps breed rescue associations by providing discounted vet treatment. Casvet has also joined with the UK’s biggest vet charity – pdsa – to offer their new PetCare service to pet owners in need.

Our fantastic nursing team

Casvet has a large nursing team who offer free nurse appointments and provide fantastic care for any pets that are admitted to the clinic.


Your Local and Affordable Vet

Find Us

Casvet, Cheltenham Animal Shelter, Gardners Lane, Cheltenham GL51 9JW

Opening Times

Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 6:30pm.
Appointment times: 9am -12pm and 2pm – 6pm.
(between 12pm and 2pm we see Animal Shelter Appointments)

Out Of Hours

We use Chelvets, the out of hours vet service for Cheltenham, the only 24 hour vet service with a vet and nurse on site.


T 01242 530056 E casvet@gawa.org.uk

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A list of some of our prices, we have also compared these to the average cost of the 9 private vet practices in Cheltenham

We are always happy to give an estimate for other procedures although this will usually require an appointment.



Our vet strength prescription flea and worm treatments are second to none and will treat many other parasites as well as fleas. We also keep the costs affordable by allowing owners to buy the doses individually, on a month by month basis.

By purchasing a 3 month supply of prescription flea treatment, we reward you by giving you a free dose of worming treatment.


CASVet Flea and Worm Offer