Cheltenham Animal Shelter strongly believes that educating people about responsible pet ownership will help to reduce neglect within our community. Our Education Officer works with many schools, community groups and organisations to promote responsible pet ownership. Every animal that is rehomed through the shelter is either neutered before it leaves or shortly afterwards. This, combined with promoting neutering as a positive step in responsible pet ownership will, we hope, one day reduce the number of stray and abandoned animals in our area.

Educational Talks

The Education Officer is able to provide educational talks on a variety of subjects based around responsible pet ownership and animal welfare. The shelter aims to educate as many members of the public as possible and can provide this service to groups including schools, colleges and adult organisations such as community and church groups and the WI.

If you belong to an organisation or and would like to arrange a talk or a visit to the shelter, please contact the Education Officer on 01242 523521 option 6 or

Animal Days

Our Animal Days aim to give young people the opportunity to attend the shelter during their schools breaks to learn about responsible pet ownership and other animal related issues. It also gives children an opportunity to gain some hands on experience with companion animals. A typical Animal Day runs from 9am to 3pm and costs £30.

Please be aware that Animal Days are extremely popular and spaces can fill up very quickly. To be notified of forthcoming dates please email the Education Officer and ask to be added to the mailing list, you will then receive details of planned days.

For further details about our Animal Days or to be added to the mailing list please contact the Education Officer on 01242 523521 option 6 or

Work Experience

Cheltenham Animal Shelter accommodates work experience placements from Universities, Colleges, Sixth Forms and employment agencies throughout the year. All work experience students must be over the age of 16. If you are interested in undertaking your work experience at Cheltenham Animal Shelter please contact the Education Officer on 01242 523521 option 6 or

The HALT Project

A unique part of the shelter’s education portfolio is the HALT Project (Humans and Animals Learning Together), an animal assisted therapy programme delivered five times a year for ‘at risk’ youth in Gloucestershire. It allows young people, many of whom have been excluded from school, to come to the Shelter for a three week course (Monday – Friday) designed to foster compassion, respect and responsibility.

During the course attendees are paired up with homeless dogs which they must care for and train; this not only helps the students but also benefits the shelter by having dogs that are ultimately more re-homable as they understand basic commands. Graduates of this programme have in many instances gone back into mainstream education and we are proud to lead the UK in this exciting initiative.